Channel : Zee TV

Year of Telecast : 1999

No. of Episode : 52

Director : Tamara


Ashutosh Rana, Irawati Harshe, Makrand Deshpandey, Sonam Malhotra, Daya Shankar Pandey, Shishir Sharma

The Story :

Waaris is the story of a conflict between two sisters. One is the legitimate daughter, Arundhati and the other is the illegitimate daughter Nandita. The story of Waaris begins with the death of Ranjit Sharma a successful businessman dealing in garment exports. After his death Arundhati gets to know that she has a step sister in Nandita, a love child of her father’s with a painter based in Goa now dead. She is shocked that this fact was kept a secret from her as her mother and Ritwick her father’s trusted lieutenant was also aware of it.Gradually she learns that her father’s company is bankrupt and whatever she and her mother has got in his will has to be paid off to the creditors. They even have to auction their bungalow. On the other hand Nandita has got 15 crores which were kept in a trust and she with that money buys off her father’s business and its liabilities and even buys the bungalow. This leads to a bitter rivalry and hatred between the two sisters. The rivalry reaches to an extent that they become competitors in the fashion world and try and ruin each others life’s and careers. Nandita is feeling bitter in life as she always grew up as an illegitimate daughter without the love and affection of her father. And then when she started spending time with him he dies suddenly of a heart attack.

Nandita finds in a Ritwick a soul mate and marries him only to discover that he is not a straight man as he was made out to be. Arundhati had also fallen in love with her childhood friend Vijay and had got pregnant with his child. The day she was to tell him the good news and decide to get married she discovers that Vijay has been getting financial help from Nandita. She breaks her relation with him and marries another man. During this period Arundhati gets to know of the reason why her father went to another woman and how Nandita was born. Her entire attitude towards Nandita changes and she tries to be friends with her. But matters have gone too far and Nandita spurns her offer.

As both sisters deal with their failed marriages and careers and their rivalries in the fashion world they get to know that their father was killed and the entire financial mess that their company had got into and had become bankrupt was because of Ritwick. The sisters then come together and fight the common enemy in Ritwick and in the bargain patch up their differences.