Channel : B4U

Year of Telecast : 2000

No. of Episode : 42 (Weekly)

Director : Chitrarth


Anju Mahendro, Mohan Bhandari, Shama Deshpandey, Radhika Menon, Natasha Sinha, Rajeev Paul, Naresh Suri, Gauri Karnik, Poonam Narula, Kanchan Mirchandani, Rajeev Gupta, Anita Wahi, Shishir Sharma, Saroj Bhargav, Balvinder Singh, Gayatri, Sunil Dhawan, Veena Kapoor, Rohit Bakshi, Madhu Amli, Sunil Dhawan, Sahil Chaddha

The Story :

Satya Dev Sharma is the ultimate in human goodness and sacrifice. He has brought up his two stepbrothers and a stepsister in the same spirit as he has brought up his own daughter Poonam. In fact he has always put the needs and comforts and wishes of his stepmother and stepbrothers and sister on a privileged status than of his wife and daughter.

The house hold has a very happy ambiance and whenever somebody mentions that Satya Dev, Bheesham and Ashwini are step brothers nobody is ready to believe it. They live in harmony and have a lot of respect for each other. Satya Dev is an Aadhti. He is dealing in fruit from Kashmir and vegetables from Nasik area. He earns well but the growing needs of the family, expenses on the education – the college donations and fees – and the trendy clothes and the pocket money of the four college going kids has forced Satya Dev to take part time jobs. He is good on accounts and Book keeping so he doesn’t find it difficult to find jobs. But it doesn’t give any time for himself, nor for his ever obliging and caring wife Sneh Lata.

The only worry and fear in the house is Poonam’s gradually diminishing eyesight. On consultations the eye surgeons suggest an expensive eye operation. Satya Dev doesn’t have that sort of money but for the sake of his daughters operation he manages to raise a loan. In those days only Bheesham gets a chance to go to London for a diploma course. He is very hesitant to ask for the money from his brother Satya Dev. But instead goes to Bhahi. He has no knowledge that Satya Dev is arranging the money for Poonam’s eye operation.

Sneh Lata, Satya Dev’s wife promises that she will talk to her husband and when she does. It becomes a Dharam Sankat for Satya Dev. He has only that much borrowed money. It is either the eye operation of his own daughter or the diploma course for his step brother.

Bheesham has already told him that after three months training course he has been promised a plumb job. The doctor had told Satya Dev that the operation can’t wait for more than six months.

He takes a risk and sends Bheesham to London. But after he comes back he doesn’t get that job which was promised to him. He has to wait for a few months as the company is overhauling the whole system. In Poonam’s college, her classmate Suresh who always says that she looks very beautiful and intelligent which is a very rare combination in girls.

When he discovers that she might go blind after a few months he suggests that they should get married now as if at all the tragedy happens his parents will not agree to have her as their Bahu.

She tells Suresh to tell the parents the whole truth but he advises against it saying that some times the truth is not acceptable to people. But on the day of the Sagai – Suresh’s parents discovers that Poonam is almost blind. They refuse to get Suresh married to Poonam. Heart broken and partially blind Poonam can’t do anything but cry in silence.

Bheesham and his mother Rukmini are very upset that knowing fully well the condition of Poonam’s eyes, Bade Bhahiya spent that money to send him to London. Ashiwini takes up a part time job so that he can contribute a bit towards the house expenses.

Bheesham in the meanwhile tells his Bhahi that he met a girl in London and wants to marry her. He starts the job, brings all the money and gives it to his Bhahi Sneh Lata is very prone the way they have brought up the children. But at the same time she reminds him that his mother is Rukmini. So he should go and give his salary to her. But Rukmini tells him that he should go to Satya Dev and hand over his salary to him every month.

With a few ups and down it is a blissful family. Bheesham gets married to Rani Sachdeva. Rani’s mother on discovering that Bheesham is the stepbrother of Satya Dev, whom she herself had ditched in her younger days, gets very upset. She warns her daughter that she will never be happy in that household but Rani is adamant.

On her marriage Jasbir tells Rani that even after the marriage she can consider her mother’s home as her own – and whenever she wants to leave Bheesham she can come back. She will be welcome. Rani doesn’t like the attitude of her mother, but very soon she realises that although she loves Bheesham, she can’t live with that family any more.

When Satya Dev, Rukmini and Sneh Lata discover that Ashwini is interested in marrying Rani’s younger sister Aarti, there is a crisis in the family. Nobody wants another girl from the same family in this household.

Satya Dev comes to Ashwini’s rescue by telling every body that there is still time in the marriage, so why discuss the marriage now.

Satya Dev looses his concentration on the business because of every day’s tension in the house created by Rani. He can’t even pay back the loan he had taken for his daughter’s operation but had spent on Bheesham’s studies abroad.

Satya Dev meets many a retired and old people who have been thrown out of their rightful place in their homes.

In his own home also there is tension about Rani and Bheesham occupying the master bedroom, which is currently lived in by Satya Dev and his wife.

Rukmini, Bheesham’s mother lashes out at her son and Rani for trying to dislocate Satya Dev, Sneh Lata tells Satya Dev to vacate the master bedroom for the peace in the house. Ashwini is so upset with the happenings in the house that he blames Satya Dev only. “If you were strict with Bheesham Bhahiya and Bhahi from the beginning then the problems wouldn’t have occurred. Poonam wouldn’t have become blind. There wouldn’t have any booze parties in the house. Rukmini and Sneh Lata wouldn’t have to suffer insult from Rani.

He is so disgusted that he leaves home to take a job in Dehra Doom. Alka is disillusioned. Encouraged by Rani. She runs away with one of Rani’s friends – only to come back after a few weeks.

Alka blames Rani for her misfortune. Satya Dev looses his business and is forced to do menial jobs.

Rani forces Bheesham to come and live in her mother’s house. Satya Dev’s wife Sneh Lata dies, a heart broken woman. Once a very happy home, now looks like a house lived by the living dead.

There is rich Rukmini, Defeated Satya Dev, Blind Poonam, Drug Addict Alka in that big house. Poverty necessitates Satya Dev to sell that house but Satya Dev hangs on. He is sure that one day the happy days will return to that house – which he and his wife had made brick by brick when they were young.

The realisation of Satya Dev’s dream is the rest of the story of this serial.