Channel : B4U

Year of Telecast : 2000-2001

No. of Episode : 150 (Daily)

Director : Sanjay Surkar & Ravi Raj


Roopa Ganguli, Shishir Sharma, Gauri Karnik, Anju Mahendro, Sushmita Dan, Rakesh Paul, R.S Chopra, Dash Saxsena, Manav Kaul, Hiten Tejwani

The Story :

Sukanya (Suki) represents the emerging Indian Woman – independent minded, in charge of her own destiny and bet seeking strength from tradition. She has a strong mind of her own. At the same time she respects Indian heritage and is very rooted in her own cultural milieu.

Suki has been raised all over India by her professor / academic father, an acknowledged scholar in the field of molecular biology. Because of this exposure (From schooling in Guwahati to college in Bangalore) Suki whose mother is a writer / dancer from Kerala, feels Indian rather than Punjabi (like her father) or Mallu (like her mother). She is the only child. The parents desire to give her the best of the best education and the best of their time. She is secure in the knowledge that though they aren’t rich in terms of material wealth, they have been blessed with knowledge and learning. She is raised in a home that is a beautiful blend of progressive thinking and old fashioned values, where classical music plays in the background while Suki works on the computer.

Suddenly Suki’s perfect world gets shattered. She receives news that her parents have been killed in a train accident near Trichy where they’re attending a seminar / workshop. She is a boarder in IIT (Chennai) when the news is conveyed to her.

Left orphaned at a tender age, her father’s sister in Mumbai reluctantly offers to take her into their home. A sprawling suburban mansion (Juhu Vile Parle Scheme), where she lives with her two daughters (One of them handicapped since birth) a son and a powerful but corrupt husband, who exerts a strong influence on the stock exchange, while dabbling in charitable works (trustee of hospitals and temples).

Suki heart broken and devastated is left with no choice but to relocate to Mumbai. She leaves behind a “Buddy” Ravana (also a boarder at IIT), who is a computer freak. Their families are known for generations through Suki’s mother. Their ancestral homes
are located on the same river in Alleppey. They share wonderful childhood memories of summer vacations in the village. Both are IIT toppers.

Suki’s aunt is a vulgar, domineering woman, whose sole focus in life is social climbing and one up manship. Her pride and joy is her dim witted but beautiful second daughter Ananya (Anu Beti) who she wants to groom in to a supermodel / movie star before marrying her off to a tycoon named Dhruv.

Into their family enters an NRI (Ananya’s brother’s boston Univ. Friend, who now lives in N.T. Ananya flips for him – mother Babli, tries to match make. She feels threatened by Suki.

Suki finds herself feeling sorry for the first daughter, Akansha, who is neglected and treated cruelly by the rest of the family. They become friends. Suki tries to find her feet in Mumbai. Manages a scholarship to IIT Powai, takes part in their Annual Indigo festival, continues to communicate with her “Buddy” Ravana in Chennai.

Suki’s young professor (Prof. Govind Paluskar) falls in love with her, but she doesn’t know it. He is a middle class Maharashtrian living on campus, very shy. He helps her a lot with her academics.

Suki is attracted to the dabbing NRI – his style, sense of humor, stories about life in America, care – free attitude.

Babli senses this and steps up her hate campaign against Suki. Jitenbhai, the Gujrati stock broker husband pretends to befriend her.

Suki graduates with honours. Joins an IT company. Her personality changes. She becomes far more confident. Takes an interest in her appearance, NRI guy doesn’t recognise the “transformed” Suki on his next visit. Flirts with her at a family dinner.

Babli throws her out on some theft charge. Professor takes her in (She has nowhere to go). He declares his feelings – She tells him she cannot think of marriage – she has to fulfil her dead father’s dream of making something for herself. She also wants to make her mother proud by writing poetry, learning dance, where is the time for marriage? He feels rejected initially then decides to help her.

Ravana arrives in Mumbai. They consider setting up a software company together. Suki launches one in her father – mother’s name. They need capital. She approaches Jitenbhai. He tries to trick them. NRI steps in.
Suki is well on her way of becoming a corporate woman in Mumbai. She has many encounters – positive and negative. She learns to assert herself, takes a small flat at Bandra, works very hard. It tells on her health. Prof. helps her recover.

Her labour pays off when the modest site launched by her is snapped up by an IT giant for a huge amount. Suddenly, yet again the picture changes. Suki is a very wealthy young woman, who has made it on her own steam in her own right. She is on the cover of business magazines. Her shares are valued at a phenomenal price.

Meanwhile her cousin Ananya’s career isn’t going anywhere. They have an ugly confrontation. NRI refuses to marry Ananya says he’s interested in Suki. Babli blows up. Jitenbhai plays dirty.

Childhood friend Ravana claims his right over her life and career as per Malayalee custom. Proffessor continues to plead his case.

What will Suki decide?
Which of the three men will she pick?
On what will she base her choices?

Suki is a quintessential “New Indian Woman” a recent phenomenon. She is not afraid to take her chances in the world and live life on her own terms.

What is the future for a girl like Suki in today’s India? A girl who does not let religion caste or community colour her decisions? Who functions fearlessly in her professional and personal life without compromising her integrity?

Shot in Kerala, Mumbai and elsewhere the serial explores the world of a brave and brilliant young woman, the clash of values and cultures that confront her. And how deftly she negotiates the hurdles to emerge victorious in the end. The serial is a rich and compassionate tribute to the 21st Century woman of India. The Pioneers who will be breaking new ground in the next century and taking the country forward.

The serial opens with Suki in the morgue of a public hospital, trying to identify the bodies of her parents with her buddy Ravana by her side. This sets the tone for the saga to follow. It is important to establish both, Suki’s strength and vulnerability in this episode itself.

The story graph will cover Suki’s life from a protected secure environment in Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi to a loud aggressive world of Mumbai with its ambitions, greed and frustrations where an aunt and her vain daughter try to destroy Suki’s self confidence and inner strength due to their own insecurity. Suki overcomes all the odds and survives in the end – a stronger person for all the trials and tribulations she has had to face in her young life.