Channel : Star Plus

Year of Telecast : 2009-10

No. of Episode : 80

Director : Pawan Sahu & Debashish Dhar & Indar & Ravi Raj, Tarak Nath Morya


Neha Janpandit, Sudhir Dalvi, Sukanya Kulkarni, Hemali Joshi, Gaurav Vadhera, Kashif Khan, Karuna Pandey, Bharti Sharma, Prithvi Bajaj, Tanya Mirza, Shashank Sethi, Siddharth Dhawan, Shyamsunder Pandey, Rakesh Dagg, Akanksha Amitesh, Mira Gupta, Barun Sobti, Monica Chaudhary

The Story :


We all know about the famous mythological son Shravan Kumar who vowed to take his blind parents for the pilgrimage of the 4 dhams. Shravan kumar is considered to be the best son ever. A son every father & mother would like to have. As people often say – agar beta ho to shravan kumar jaisa. Its hard to find another shravan kumar in the entire history of India & almost impossible in current time. Our story is about a girl named Shradha who follows on the footsteps of Shravan kumar & takes her blind mother & diseased father for the pilgrimage of the 4 dhams against all odds. She faces all the struggles, gives up her own desires & only one ambition in life to fulfill the desires of her parents who want to travel the 4 dhams before they die. The role normally expected from a son is done by a girl with full dedication & determination.

USP of the show

Imagine a girl lifting her old parents on her shoulders in a palna…the visual tells the tale. It immediately reminds us of Shravan kumar. But seeing a girl in that role & in modern times is a certain rarity….everyone would like to see if such things are still possible & how….especially the parents who are neglected & unseen by their children. The audience will also enhance their knowledge about the revered & sacred 4 dhams according to the Hindu mythology. Right from the journey starts till the end we will focus on every little thing which a common man is not aware of & our main USP – A GIRL IN THE FORM OF SHRAVAN KUMAR IN CURRENT TIME.

The Story :

Jaiswal family lives in a middle class area of Ujjain. Two brothers, Jagdish and Trilok share the house with their respective families. The house belongs to late Gangadhar Jaiswal which has now been distinctly divided into two for the families of both the brothers. While from outside the house looks singular and undivided, from within there is a clear bifurcation. Jagdish’s side of the house is quite modest with cheap furniture, only necessary equipments and fans hanging from the ceilings instead of ACs sticking to the walls which is how the other side of the house is. Jagdish lives with his wife Laxmi, four children Santosh, Manoj, Ashok and Shraddha, Santosh’s and Manoj’s wives and their children. Jagdish lives a comfortable retired life with this big family of his. Ashok is in Pune doing management studies. Jagdish owns a shop selling ingredients necessary for ‘pooja’ rituals which he has named ‘Laxmi Puja samagri bhandar’ after his wife. Today the shop is being run by Santosh and Manoj together.

On the other side, Trilok lives with his wife Gudiya and two sons, Aman and Chirag. Both the sons are studying in Bangalore and are currently only referred to, not seen. In Jaiswal family, there is an old tradition of visiting the four dhams which every couple must undergo to keep the tradition alive. Jagdish has led his entire life looking after his family and fulfilling several responsibilities taken on at quite a premature age and hence hasn’t been able to visit the dhams yet. He is now financially dependent on his sons to make his trip possible. Jagdish has even taken care of the money for his daughter’s marriage. The only tasks he hasn’t been able to perform yet are arranging for his wife’s eye operation and their visit to the four dhams. His sons Santosh and Manoj and their wives are unhappy with the parents for completely unjustifiable reasons and do not want to take on the responsibility of providing for their visit to the four dhams. Although, they do not confess this, they conspire against them almost all the time. Shraddha is unaware of her brothers’ and their wives’ intentions and is instead busying herself to prepare for her parents’ visit to the four dhams in whatever way she can. She does some knitting and teaching work whereby she collects money and puts it in the ‘Char Dham’ chest that has been in the house for as long as the tradition itself. The chest is almost like a family member that says ‘char dham’ in bold letters where the family members put in money to be collected for the visit to the char dhams. This year, Jagdish having performed all his duties now, wants to visit the Char Dhams with his wife. Shraddha is now waiting for Ashok to join the family so that all the four siblings could together see off the parents. But soon after completing his management studies, Ashok comes home only to disappoint Shraddha and creating a twist in the tale. Ashok comes and wants to start his own business with a friend from Pune and instead of helping out the parents, he asks for money from them. This demand of his, angers the big brothers and bhabhis who anyway feel left out as they believe the parents have already spent a fortune on his studies. They think it unacceptable for him to get more money for his business. The brothers, influenced by their wives refuse to give the money when looking at Ashok’s need and Shraddha’s ardent pleas, the parents give him the money collected for Shraddha’s marriage. Ashok, without being grateful, takes the money and leaves. This further annoys the brothers and the wives who get further reason to blame them for their lack of wealth as opposed to the Trilok Chacha’s family.

Finally, it is time to visit the 4 Dhams. Jagdish, Laxmi and Shraddha excitedly open the chest to be left flabbergasted. There is no money inside, only rocks. Later it’s revealed that the money was used up by Santosh to buy stocks; all of which went down the drain. And the rest of the money, Manoj used up for his sister in law’s marriage. The elder brothers and their wives are exposed for the first time in the story. The threesome is stunned and break down when they fear that they may not be able to fulfill their dream but Shraddha comes to the rescue. She takes on the responsibility of taking her parents to the four dhams with courage, grit and determination. She is made fun of and mocked at with family asking her if she thinks she is Shravan Kumar or something but this doesn’t affect her one bit. Without a worry in the world, she takes her blind mother and her physically ailing father and begins the journey. She sells whatever jewellery there was for her marriage because she believes that her parents desires is far more important than her marriage. Justifying the character of Shravan kumar, she proceeds to Dwarka, choosing it to be her first Dham. On reaching Rajkot which falls on way to Dwarka, the blind mother loses her way. To add to the misery, whatever little money they had gets robbed. Along with her sick father, she wanders around looking for her mother not knowing where to go in a strange town. A flurry of problems abounds her as she is left with no money, an ailing father to take care of and look for her lost mother all at once. After a lot of search and struggle, they find Laxmi who was saved from an accident by a young man named Alankar Joshi. Alankar after saving Laxmi is now in search of Shraddha so that he could safely hand over her mother to her and in doing so, they meet each other. They learn of each other’s stories and admire each other for their strong will. Admiration develops into respect, respect into friendship and later friendship into a strong attachment. After this incident, Shraddha realizes the importance of the operation to get her mother’s eyes functional again. Also, going to the four dhams without good eyes would almost be pointless. Hence she decides that she must get her eyes operated before going to the pilgrim spot. But of course she has no money. Alankar wants to help and offers to pay for the operation but independent that she is, she refuses to accept the money. She believes it to be her sole responsibility and doesn’t want to share the burden of her duties with anyone else. Alankar against his wishes, returns to Ujjain having finished his official work. However, they stay in touch through the phone and their friendship blossoms.

Shraddha who must arrange for the money, coincidentally learns about Dipen Mehta who desperately needs a kidney. She meets him and decides to trade her kidney with him for money. Mehta couple, which is a rich and a famous family from Rajkot accepts the deal. The operation takes place and is successful. Dipen Mehta gives Shraddha the promised money with which she firstly operates her mother who can see thereafter – an extremely emotional moment for the three of them and later uses the rest for the undertaking of the journey to Dwarka. Dipen Mehta feels indebted and grateful to Shraddha and when he learns of her struggle and desire, the couple decides that they would accompany Shraddha and her parents to the four dhams.

Alankar who is in Ujjain learns of the entire story that went by and becoming extremely emotional, returns to Rajkot and decides to go to Dwarka with Shraddha. Shraddha along with her parents, Mehta couple and Alankar begins her much awaited journey. On reaching Jamnagar, on way to Dwarka they meet Tulsi and Radha Das, Anand and Bobby – a young couple and Rishi Sachitanand. All 11 of them become a group. Learning each other’s stories and sharing lives, they become good friends and begin their journey together. By the time they reach Dwarka, they are one family. The only thing missing may be is what follows; Alankar proposes to Shraddha.