Channel : Sony TV

Year of Telecast : 2000

No. of Episode : 58

Director : Lekh Tandon


Rohit Roy, Mauli Ganguli, Navin Nischol, Nandita Puri, Pramila Qazmi, BalvinderRana Jung Bahadur, Arun Bali, Anjum Khan, Gopi Bhalla, Amrit Pal, Karan Oberoi, Vinita Malik, Rubal Nagi, Deepak Parashar, Haider Ali

The Story :

Milan is a story, which is based on conventional & conservative human relationships. It primarily deals with the sense of integrity, belonging & bonding that is depicted in the Indian families.

There are two families: The Kapoor’s & The Dhillon’s, who are neighbours. Surinder & Shashi Kapoor’s son Ranbir Kapoor is in the United States. They want him to get married to Amardeep & Kuldeep Dhillon’s elder daughter Shweta. Shweta is a typical Punjabi girl who is in love with Ranbir. They are already engaged & both the families can’t wait to see Ranbir.Shweta’s younger sister Chanchal is a contrast to her but has the same values instilled in her. She is flamboyant, mischievous & speaks her mind. Ranbir’s best friend Ravi too lives in the neighbouring bungalow. He is a doctor & his family comprises of his mother, father & a younger sister. Ravi & Chanchal meet occasionally & drawn towards each other & after a lot of convincing & persuasion Chanchal agrees to her feelings for Ravi. In the meantime Shweta & Ranbir get married to each other. In due course of the marriage Shweta realizes about Chanchal & Ravi. Love blossoms between them & they want to marry each other with Shweta’s blessings. She promises to speak with Ranbir as soon as she gets an opportunity.

But destiny has something else in store for all of them when Shweta suddenly falls ill & is brought to the hospital during her honeymoon. The families are shattered when the doctors examine Shweta of having cancer. Ravi tries his level best to save his Bhabhi’s life but fails to do so. Shweta passes away before disclosing about Chanchal & Ravi to the family or Ranbir.Ranbir gets hysterical & is devastated by Shweta’s death. The elders of the family are worried for him & decide to get him married to Chanchal. Shashi speaks with Chanchal & begs her to marry Ranbir in order to save his life. Chanchal who has very strong values decides to sacrifice her love for Ravi & gets married to Ranbir.

Ravi is hopelessly shaken up & is unable to let go of Chanchal. On the day of the wedding Chanchal writes a suicide note confessing of her feelings for Ravi. She decides.otherwise but Kuldeep reads the letter. They feel very guilty for making Chanchal the scapegoat. Ranbir & Chanchal try their best to forget their respective lovers but are unable to do so.Ranbir meets with an accident. The families are scared, as they do not want to lose anybody else after Shweta.Ranbir & Shashi realize Ravi’s proximity towards Chanchal & his concern & care for her. Ranbir misunderstands the entire affair & blames them for betraying him. Ravi & Chanchal for the first time tell Ranbir the truth about their past. Ranbir is shell-shocked & feels guilty for ruining their lives.Those who are destined to be together will stay together. Ranbir wants to undo the damage that his marriage has done to all of them & ultimately Ravi & Chanchal get married to each other.

Basically “MILAN” is an emotional soap which speaks volumes of our culture & our value system.