Channel : DD-1

Year of Telecast : 2000-2001

No. of Episode : 52 (Weekly)

Director : Rakesh Saarang


Sachin Pilgaonkar, Nicky Aneja, Nirmity Sawant, Neha Pendse, Gautami Gadgil, Tushar Dalvi,Vinay Kenkre, Ali Azgar, Machiket Dhige, Sheetal Thakkar, Niyati Rajwade.

The Story :

Amar is a Junior Officer in a multinational company, International Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. He has lost his wife Jyoti (34) very recently (She fell over a cliff in Shimla) leaving behind three children. This makes it a story of a father, who has to shoulder the responsibility of a mother as well.

Of course, the in-laws are there to help Amar. But they prove to be more of a nuisance than help.

Prakash (25), the brother–in-laws of Amar is in love with Laddu’s tutor in the neighborhood. Sister-in-law, Sonal (20) is an airhostess – in love with a boy (Raju), asses Amar so much so that Amar desperately wishes Jyoti to come back to relieve him of in-laws who instead of sharing his responsibilities tend to increase them.

On the top of it Amar has a new boss Miss Chandrika, M.D. of the company who is even more nagging than his mother-in-law.

There are other characters like Amar’s colleagues Pendse & Tom (both Jr. Officers) and Ruby, Amita etc. who mostly sympathize with Amar.

Chandrika and Amar have a love and hate relationship because though Chandrika apparently hates Amar as the Subordinate, she likes him as a person. Knowingly or unknowingly she makes him forget his wife, whom once loved more than anyone else in the world.

She also helps his children to bear with the loss of their mother. She pays frequent visits to his house and takes care of the children in case of difficulties. Amar gradually falls in love with her. The children too, begin to like their Chandrika Aunty so much so that they recommend her to their father as their new mother.
After much hesitation on both the sides Amar & Chandrika decide to get married. But the moment they decide to get married to their utter surprise and embarrassment Jyoti comes back. But it does not take much time for the children to sense that she is not their real mother, but by this time a lot of confusion and comic situations take place between Amar and Chandrika, Chandrika and children, children and their (so called) mother, Chandrika and Jyoti (the intruder).

The serial forms the basis a story line will be a sitcom of episodic nature with a serious under current. The main focus will be the man who has to manage the household and three children, in the absence of his wife.

The overall impression that the creator of this serial wants to make on the viewers will be how a family is incomplete without the wife and how handicapped a man is if he is subjected to the duties of a mother as well as father.

For the comic situations the day to day incidents from the life of the Indian working man, the children and the woman on top will be the main source, which is abundantly available in our society. The over all nature of the serial will be a sit-com blended with dramatic and emotional. It is a family entertainment with non- familiar background and the target audience is all sections of the people from children to the adults, who sit together and watch the best programs on T.V.