Channel : DD1

Year of Telecast : 2001

No. of Episode : 52

Director : Rajesh Sethi


Mauli Ganguli, Anag Desai, Mahesh Thakur, Indrani Haldar, Dolly Minhas, Swati Chitnis, Deepak Parashar, Suhasni Mulay, Shraddha Sharma, Smita Jaykar, Anjana Mumtaz, Naresh Suri, Ramesh Goyal, Deshyant Singh

The Story :

Ajay Narayan Seth is a rich businessman. He hails from an illustrious family background. His father, Uday Narayan Seth, is one of the few rich and famous men of the country. Theirs is a happy and contended family with all the luxuries of life.Ajay is a rich and spoilt child. During his adolescence he is absolutely disinterested in his father’s vast business empire. He is a happy go lucky, flirtatious person with a care a damn attitude. One fine day his dream was fulfilled when he meets Ganga. Ganga is not only beautiful but also an extremely shy and a happy go lucky girl. There is a mutual attraction between Ganga and Ajay and their affair blossoms and they get married.Ajay Narayan did not disclose Ganga’s reality due to her background. Keeping up with their status Ajay’s parents want to get him engaged in an equally affluent family and therefore get him engaged to Gayatri.

Ajay constantly refuses to marry Gayatri as he is in love Ganga. Despite this, Ajay continues secretly meeting Ganga.

Ganga is devastated when she learns that she is the illegitimate daughter of a prostitute. Her hurt is further aggravated when she realizes that her own mother is unaware of her father’s identity. This harsh truth is revealed to Ganga by her mother. Ganga confesses the whole truth to Ajay Narayan Seth This was in attempt to strengthen her relationship with her husband, as she wanted him to accept her the way she is. On the contrary, the truth and fate play against her. Initially there is silent retaliation and resentment towards Ganga. He stops meeting her. Amidst all this Ganga gave birth to their first child.

Ajay is so hurt and disillusioned by Ganga’s reality that he gets married to Gayatri. Gayatri playes the role of a perfect wife to Ajay. He nurses a feeling of hurt and resentment towards Ganga due to her past. He falls in love with Gayatri and forgets about Ganga.One fine day Ganga arrives to meet Ajay at home. Gayatri is shattered to learn the truth when she overhears Ganga speaking with Ajay. All these dramatic sequences form the crux of the story. “KUDRAT” is mainly a family oriented soap packed with all the necessary ingredients.