Channel : Zee TV

Year of Telecast : 2002

No. of Episode : 436

Director : Tamara & Rajesh Sethi


Maya Alagh, Poonam Dhillon, Preeti Dayal, Deepshikha, Vivek Mushran, Kavita Kapoor, Shweta Salve, Piyomri, Achint Kaur, Anupam Bhattacharya, Mayank Tandon, Hitesh Kriplani, Monaz Mewawalla, Khyati Khandke, Tony Mirchandani, Sonia Kapoor, Roma Williams, Kiran Kumar, Indu Verma, Romie Jaspal, Shabnam Kapoor, Sunil Dhawan, Zakhir Hussain, S.M Zaheer, Siddharth Dhawan, Dolly Minhas, Ritu Raj, Mayuri Kango, Rekha Rao, Vishal Shabnani, Kunika, Tanya, Ritika, Sajid Khan.

The Story :

The term – “KITTIE PARTY” conjures up instant images in viewer’s mind of a gossipy malicious group of well – heeled women playing havoc in the lives of people in and out of their social circle.

As the title suggests, the serial revolves around the lives of eight women who meet every month for their Kittie party. The serial explores their individual lives through these meetings – their hopes, disappointments, aspirations and longings. Each woman’s character is reflected clearly through her interaction with others as well as through what she projects at each Kittie party.

Often very close bonding take place that lead to long term friendships and business ventures. On the other hand Kittie parties could also lead to the break up of families, divorce, hurt and jealousy, when women fail at games of one-upmanship that often follow these fancy lunches. Essentially, the serial will look at the lives of the main characters, their families, values, life styles and priorities. Their husbands, boyfriends, lovers and children, who will be woven into the main story graph.

Through the lives of Manju, Rewa, Vidya, Tina, Pixie, Niloufer, Kuku, and Natasha – we discover the minds of today’s upwardly mobile women. Since the situations are the slice of everyday life, we are confident that our audience will be able to identify with the characters and the conflicts they deal with. The strength of the serial lies in its insights into the mind and heart of today’s urban Indian women, who is poised at the crossroads of modernity and tradition and which path does she choose? “Kittie Party” will try and answer that challenging question.