Channel : Sahara One

Year of Telecast : 2005

No. of Episode : 232

Director : Anshuman Singh, Puneet Gandhi, Jitu Arora & Rajesh Ransinghe


Amy Trivedi, Naresh Suri, Shama Deshpandey, Harsh Khurana, Usha Bachani, Sonal Pendse, Daya Shankar Pandey, Shubhavi, Amit Verma, Yash P Sinha, Amar Talwar, Nikhil Yadav, Shaleen Bhanot, Samta verekar, Tarun Khanna, Salil Acharya

The Story :

A girl with fire in her heart and dreams in her eyes. A girl who has grown up in an extremely middle class family, but dares to dream beyond the horizons of her little mohalla. A girl who is destined to become one of the most recognized faces in a country of over a billion people…

This is our Kituu – the apple of her father’s eye, the life and soul of the little mohalla she lives in, the leader of her little gang of boys, the face of an entire nation.An extremely talkative and lovable girl, Kituu faces life’s biggest challenges at the tender age of 20. When other girls are busy planning their husbands and their trousseaus, Kituu is forced to bring all her resourcefulness to the fore in saving her family from potential ruin and a lifetime of debt.Kituu is born to be successful…

With her determination she climbs up the corporate ladder and becomes a household name in the field of electronic journalism. Kituu Sabb Jaanti Hai is a story of a middle class girl who fights her way out in an attempt to balance her familial and professional life. She is strong enough to reject a lover, the scion of a millionaire family, on realizing that he fails to understand her when it comes to her profession. Kituu finds a friend (and later a lover) in Yuvraj, the News channel chief. Once successful in her field she is torn apart between Yuvraj, a divorcee with a child and Rohan, her ex-lover who comes back in her life after a failed marriage.