Channel : Life OK

Year of Telecast : 2013-2014

No. of Episode : 252

Director : Imtiaz Punjabi, Ravi Raj


Gaurav Bajaj, Sukirti Khandpal, Arun Bali, Sunil Kumar Singh, Swatantra Bharat, Mona Ambegaonkar, Mushtaq Khan, Seema Sharma, Gurvinder Kaur, Geeta Agrawal, Rajesh Balwani, Suyyash Rai, Sudha Chandran, Krunal Sheth, Hoshiar Singh, Dolphin Dwivedi, Abhishek Awasthi, Loveleen Kaur, & Others

The Story :

This is the story of a stubborn, proud and eccentric family based in a village in Haryana, India. The patriarch, old man Daddu, sleeps with a rusty gun by his side… His eldest son, simply called Taau by everyone, has the power to shut down the local market with one angry shout of his! The second son Hoshiyar Singh, much against his family’s wishes, works for the government’s irrigation department and seems to be the only sane person around. Daddu’s third son Baldev urf Balla is a blindly impulsive boxer who shoots first and asks the reason later… literally! Other than these characters, there are Dadi, chachis and kaakis, Taau’s arrogant and good for nothing son and his wife and Ravi’s younger sister Raano… Of course, interesting and wacky characters like Taau’s seven brother-in-laws come and go in this madhouse.

Daddu’s family is one of the wealthiest in the area, being the owners of 500 kilas of land… but their thinking is still steeped in the 19th century. It’s considered a sin to educate girls, because an educated girl can break up a house faster than a bulldozer… Even the boys are taught just enough math so they can count money… and keep a record of how many slaps they should give to whom!

Fortunately or unfortunately, Ravi, son of Hoshiyar Singh, gets educated enough to be employed by an Indian Food Processing company… in spite of stiff opposition from his family. The company orders him off to Singapore for a training period of two months. This is enough to create a huge hangama in the house, because they feel he will get corrupted by western influences… a gori mem will do black magic on him and snatch him away from the family… The family have a hundred ‘valid reasons’ not to send him… But Ravi too is chip of the stubborn old block that is his family… He retaliates… Stops eating and drinking… stops talking to everyone… Ghar ke ladle bête ki zid ke aage akhirkar sabko jhukna hi padta hai… He’s finally given permission to go, but with a long list of conditions attached to it… Bakayda purohit bulaya jaata hai… ek yagyopavit ki tarah, sharton ka gathbandan uski kalaiyee mein mauli (the red thread) bandh kar kiya jata hai… Where every piece of mauli (holy string) is a condition… is a commandment… You will not consume alcohol… you will not eat non-vegetarian food… You will not look at girls and keep your eyes lowered at all times… You will not interact with girls… and in case where extremely necessary, will only respond in monosyllables… Your daily routine will consist of home to office, and office to home… Other than this, you’re not allowed to even think of visiting a third place… Etc. Etc.

So his wrist heavy with the weight of mauli’s, Ravi reaches Singapore… where Simmi in no time falls head over heels in love with him. She tries to please him, pursues him, even takes the lead in expressing her love and proposing… But our hero Ravi, bound by the conditions of his family, rejects her advances and comes back to his country… Before coming back, he had confessed that he too loves Simmi, but is helpless because of his family. This confession of love is enough for Simmi to dash off to India with the help of her supportive and inspiring father Mr. Khanna…

Lekin Simmi jab yahan andh-vishwaas aur roodiyon ka andhera dekhti hai, to nirnay leti hai ki main is andhere mein kood kar roshni lane ki koshish karoongi…! She decides to impersonate the girl with whom Ravi’s alliance is about to happen, and manages to gain entry in the house as his wife… It’s tough going initially… But by and by Simmi succeeds in her quest… winning friends and supporters on the way, changing the age old thinking of the people around her, making them question blindly followed and sometimes harmful customs and practices.

The entire journey will be covered in a very interesting, entertaining and light hearted way… At the same time, emotions and the meaningful message behind each of Simmi’s achievements will be kept alive throughout…