Channel : Sony TV

Year of Telecast : 2003

No. of Episode : 3 (Weekly 45 min.)

Director : Shivam Nair


Parmeet Sethi, Aashish Chaudhary, Mandira Bedi, Nitesh Pandey, Riva Bubber, Shishir Sharma.

The Story :

FORCE 1 is an Action series which primarily deals with different stories of espionage and crime, with a global flavor to it as seen through the eyes of the ace officer Parmeet who works in alliance with a team of officers, who deal with cases that concern threat at a larger scale to the integrity and security of the country.

Officer Parmeet who has arisen from the ranks through the different departments of the police and crime solving agencies, is a Hero of sorts who succeeds in solving and confronting some of the most difficult cases and criminals.

Each episode, though is an individual story, but carries forward along with it, the story of Parmeet and his core group. Their relationship which form and disintegrate while working, their sorrows and joys, their moments of personal crisis and conflicts, and how with all these odds they still have to put up a brave front to fight for the country and for the safety of the people.

Cases range from spy network stories to stories of International crime across all borders.

Cases take the core group to criminals of different nature, ever explored, and deals with them not just at a physical level but also at the psychic level.

Over a number of episodes as the personal life stories of Parmeet and the other core group progresses, Parmeet starts emerging out as a Super Hero of sorts, a realistic version of Agent 007.

These stories involve the use of sophisticated weapons and arms, along with the use of intellect to a crime-solving attitude.

This also gives the opportunity to put forward in a realistic fashion how the law and the diplomacy of Governments sometimes help criminals to remain scot free.

With every episode the story travels from one country to the other, packing all the excitement action and thrill in a truly action series “ FORCE 1”