Channel : SONY SAB

Year of Telecast : 2016-2017

No. of Episode : 169

Director : Man Singh Manku


Anju Jadhav, Abhishek Bajaj, Preet Kaur Nayak, Amit Tandon, Navneet Nishan, Kanwaljit Singh, Jiten Lalwani, Jaswinder Gardner, Chetanya Adib, Ritu Vashisht, Muskaan Mihani, Resham Tipnis, Aslam Khan

The Story :

There is an old saying that love knows no age or boundaries …When the heart beats faster than drum rolls & the pulse race, it is nothing but the beautiful feeling of falling in love. Our story revolves around few such beating, pulsating hearts living across each other. Our story is set in a beautiful & charismatic neighborhood located in the heart of New Delhi. The atmosphere of romanticism permeates the air flowing through this neighborhood…Romantics believe that once you breathe in the air of this neighborhood your senses are numbed…your love hormones go haywire…and you are soaked in an overwhelming desire to seek the nectar of love…Thus the neighborhood claims its victims in the matters of the heart. Our protagonist Rahul lives in this neighborhood. He is young, ambitious and a late riser…he hates mornings and alarm clocks…leaving the bed earlier than noon is a humongous task for him just like climbing the Everest. Rahul lives in a joint family which consists of his 65 year old Dadaji…his parents and a paternal aunt who is thirty and single. Rahul was living his easy going, happy go lucky life to the fullest till the day a pretty girl called Preet moved into the neighborhood and in the house opposite to theirs. Rahul falls in love with Preet at first sight. Preet herself belongs to a quirky family…Her dumdaar Dadi was a stunt woman in Bollywood films and they have recently relocated from Chandigarh to Delhi…Then there are Preet’s parents and Preet’s Chacha…Chacha ji is afflicted with the love bug himself…His primary quest is that of finding eternal love for himself…Things take an interesting turn when Rahul’s Dadaji sets his sight on Preet’s Dadi and experiences a giddiness which cannot be attributed to age…He falls for Dadi hook line and sinker…Besides the Dada – Pota Jodi, there is one more love-struck character singing the familiar love tune and that is Preet’s Chacha ji who turns jelly every time he catches a glimpse of Rahul’s Bua…True to his artistic character, Chacha Ji now desires to paint but only with the colors of LOVE….The neighborhood witnesses their romantic antics…three generations of men fall in love almost at the same time. Everything is saccharine sweet and peppery playful in their respective love stories when there is a sudden entry. A new family shifts into the neighborhood. A handsome boy Prem who is similar in age to Rahul, his single Dad and an equally handsome Dadaji . Good looks run in their genes. Dadaji turns out to be the ex-lover of Preet’s Dadi and boxer by profession…Second in line father falls for Rahul’s unmarried Bua…Giving way to hilarious situations and solid competition to all concerned lovers.

This is not just a love story as it also touches an emotional chord with viewers…It highlights society’s take on love and relationships albeit in a lighter vein.

So who will ultimately win the love game? Which one of them will be successful in winning over his love interest? Will it leave one of them broken hearted & with a wise learning for life…? To watch what unfolds, tune into Dil Deke Dekho