Channel : NDTV Imagine

Year of Telecast : 2009

No. of Episode : 61

Director : Tamara Nadungadi & Yatin Dang & Naresh Khanna & Rahul Lingayet & Rakesh Jaggi


Priti Gandwani, Bhuvnesh Mam, Rakesh Pandit, , Bhavna Khanna, Preity Sahay, Sunil Barve, Nishant Shokeen, Nimay Bali, Aarti Dave, Geeta Tyagi, Trishika Tiwari, Savita Prabhune, Tanya Mirza, Sujata Thakker, Arrup Paul, Viabhavari Pradhan, Gaurav Choudhary, Harsh Chaaya & Others.

The Story :

Dehleez deals with the problems of a working middle class woman. The story revolves around the complications created when a middle class housewife has to go out into the world and make a name for herself, earn her own living without having any prior experience of the same as well as facing opposition from her family and friends. The USP of the show comes in the enormous trauma that Indu has to go through while pretending to be unmarried at her workplace as well as fulfilling the duties of a good wife and bahu at home. The show deals with the classic and completely relevant middle class situation of Indu trying to balance out her work life with her household duties. Her working life comes with all the complications which the pretense of being unmarried brings and her sasural comes with all household responsibilities which she tries to fulfill to the best of her capabilities and yet faces humiliating consequences. Being completely inexperienced, Indu faces various problems at her work scenario as well as insulting remarks from her conniving sister in laws and angry father in law. Facts are distorted and faith is questioned as Indu succeeds in her endeavors to earn the required money whereas her unemployed husband increasingly gets surrounded by doubts about Indu’s character and fidelity that are placed in his head by various family members. The essence of the story is the fight and the courage of a common working woman to keep together her marriage while faced with opposition from the society as well as her own family.

The story begins with a very happy picture of the disciplined and well regulated Shrivastav family. The occasion is Indu’s first birthday after marriage and Arjun wants to celebrate it in a big way. He is so happy that he buys gifts for the entire family that includes Maa and Babuji, elder brothers Akash and Pravin, their wives Rukmani and Vishakha, the youngest sister Reema and Akash’s seven year old son Jumbo. Otherwise also Arjun doesn’t need a reason to spend for his family. He is very generous. Indu is very devoted to him and the household. It is like the entire household depends on her. On this occasion Arjun’s maternal uncle Mamaji is the first one to arrive. Arjun’s best friend Salim drops in with wife Zoya to wish Arjun and Indu. As the celebrations are on, Babuji’s elder daughter Nalini and her husband Raghuveer also join them with their kids. In the midst of the celebrations comes a call on Arjun’s cell. Indu answers the phone and the factory supervisor informs that Arjun’s factory has caught fire and now he is jobless.

Arjun struggles hard to re-establish his business but fails. He tries to find a job but doesn’t succeed. It becomes extremely difficult and humiliating for Arjun and Indu to live off their family. Arjun and his two elder brothers Akash and Pravin share the monthly expenses of the house.Akash and Pravin are in the trading business and they are doing quite well. But when Arjun approaches them for loan to restart his factory, they refuse. Finally Arjun takes up a job in a call centre but the salary is not sufficient to contribute for the house expenses and pay off the debts and it very difficult for Arjun because he has always worked independently and is not used to taking orders from someone else.
At home Indu continues doing the household work without any complaint. Rukmani and Vishakha reduce her to a domestic servant.

As fate would have it Arjun watches his friends wives work and how happily they manage their household expenses and takes a decision that Indu must find employment. Arjun finds a sales girl’s job for her but the only condition is that Indu has to pretend to be unmarried as the job was open only for unmarried girls. Initially Indu refuses to take off her mangalsutra which Arjun asks her to while going to the office but eventually at Arjun’s persistence does take it off and manages to get the job, much to the dismay of her in-laws. The other two bahu’s of the house, Rukmini and Vishakha are extremely jealous of Indu as now she is allowed to go out of the house and they are stuck with household chores.

Now begins the trauma of a working woman. Indu works for a company which markets home products. But Indu has never stepped out of the house to work. She is not familiar with commuting. She takes wrong buses and the wrong trains and reaches late to the office. Indu goes from door to door and tries to sell these products. She fumbles in the beginning. Her shyness hinders in her salesmanship. She is turned away from most of the houses but she continues struggling — doors are shut on her face — the customer gets annoyed when she knocks the door in the afternoon — calls the watchman and throws her out — she cries at this humiliation.
There is lot of resistance at home as well. The in-laws have stopped talking to her. She has to rush home every evening because she has to cook dinner for the family. Indu has always done more than her share of the house work and even now when she is working she is fulfilling her household duties. No concessions are given to her by the family. Her father in law is a diabetic patient and Indu has always administered him insulin. She continues to do so, and for this she has to be present on time so as not to miss the deadline. She wakes up before dawn to prepare breakfast before leaving for office. She takes care of everyone’s needs but no one even offers her a glass of water when she comes home tired.
Things get worse when Rukmini and Vishakha in their jealousy, plant seeds into Arjun head about Indu having an affair with her boss, Shantanu. Due to certain misunderstood situations, Arjun begins to definitely suspect that Indu is having an affair with her boss. The truth is that Indu cannot see beyond Arjun but her boss, Shantanu thinking of her to be unmarried has actually fallen in love with her. Also Arjun has not yet got a job and is slowly becoming a victim of frustration. The family pressures and his dependence on his wife’s salary and the ridicule that he faces, causes him to lose his self esteem. He starts becoming bitter. The same Arjun who was supportive of his wife starts getting impatient with her. He starts resenting her time out of the house. Now his ego starts surfacing.

As fate would have it Arjun finally sends a divorce notice to Indu in Bhopal who was attending her sister’s marriage and ironically at the same time Shantanu also discovers that Indu is married… Indu is shocked at receiving the divorce notice but what she is not aware of is that now Arjun’s family wants to get him married to the daughter of a millionaire.
Indu is distraught but now she must fight for her marriage or choose to stay with Shantanu… she must now make a decision, a decision which may bring her marriage to an end.