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The term – “KITTIE PARTY” conjures up instant images in viewer’s mind of a gossipy malicious group of well – heeled women playing havoc in the lives of people in and out of their social circle.

As the title suggests, the serial revolves around the lives of eight women who meet every month for their Kittie party. The serial explores their individual lives through these meetings – their hopes, disappointments, aspirations and longings. Each woman’s character is reflected clearly through her interaction with others as well as through what she projects


A girl with fire in her heart and dreams in her eyes. A girl who has grown up in an extremely middle class family, but dares to dream beyond the horizons of her little mohalla. A girl who is destined to become one of the most recognized faces in a country of over a billion people…

This is our Kituu – the apple of her father’s eye, the life and soul of the little mohalla she lives in, the leader of her little gang of boys, the face of an entire


“ Khushi Jangli ghas ki tarah hai, jahan chahe uga lo, jab chahe ukhad kar phenk do; “Khushi ki buniyad beta hi nahin, betian bhi hoti hain”.

The story explores the above truth through three families – families of PRASHANT, SANJAY and MALTI BUA.
The protagonist is Prashant – son of an N.R.I.. For him life is bed of roses as he heads his father’s Liaison Office in India at fat salary, free furnished bungalow, car and all other perks. He is happy. But his wife Sushma is not. She pines for


(Story of a man who is killed many times by his wife, but who still remains alive, being ignorant of the fact that he had been murdered so many times)

Karan Chauhan is a very kind-hearted, rich businessman of 40 years, who loves his wife Monika, more than his life. But despite this, Monika, with her paramour Prakash, kills him and after engraving him, Monika phones inspector Sunil, from her bungalow, that a stranger informed her that someone had killed her husband and buried somewhere. As she slams the receiver, she


Kartavya, as the title suggests deals with the duties of men and women which they are forced to undertake either willingly or unwillingly. Duties in the Hindu ethos have been linked to the philosophy of ‘Karma’ &‘Dharma’. All the Indian mythologicals have stressed on the fact that a man is bound by Karma to do his duty that has been ordained to him. A Kshatriya during war is forced by his Dharma to kill his own brethren, as fighting a war is his Karma. This is expounded in the Mahabharat


Kahan Se kahan Tak is journey back in time, a journey back to the roots, when the world was small, united and happy. It is true that evolution and globalistion had shrunken the world, but in the process it has shrunken our vision also. The partition took place in 1947. Regions were divided families were uprooted and divided. But in this serial we are not talking about the partition of the country and the suffering of the people. We are talking about the partition which took place over the years


S. Ravindran v/s State of Kerala
Jairaj and Chirutha had two sons-Gopi aged 8 and Unni aged 7. His wife Chirutha had illicit relationship with Ravindran, another villager who was richer than her husband. Jairaj disliked it and obviously they had fight over this issue.

One night Ravindran along with his two friends Surendran and Shibi came to meet Chirutha. Gopi and Unni were at home. Surendran and Shibi sat outside. Accidentally Jairaj came to his home at the same time. Jairaj and Ravindran had fight and Ravindran shot him dead. One



– A passionate story of love, loyalty, rivalry, betrayal and triumph with cricket as the backdrop.
– Vishal is a lower – middle class boy – the third in a large family where his father works in a mill and mother as a domestic.
– Vikramaditya Sinh comes from a privileged background – he’s the elder son of an erstwhile ‘rana’, Royal blood courses through his veins.
– Vishal plays “gully cricket” clandestinely, since his parents disapprove strongly (“Don’t waste time playing” – study, study, study).
– Vikram is a public school


FORCE 1 is an Action series which primarily deals with different stories of espionage and crime, with a global flavor to it as seen through the eyes of the ace officer Parmeet who works in alliance with a team of officers, who deal with cases that concern threat at a larger scale to the integrity and security of the country.

Officer Parmeet who has arisen from the ranks through the different departments of the police and crime solving agencies, is a Hero of sorts who succeeds in solving and confronting some


Dehleez deals with the problems of a working middle class woman. The story revolves around the complications created when a middle class housewife has to go out into the world and make a name for herself, earn her own living without having any prior experience of the same as well as facing opposition from her family and friends. The USP of the show comes in the enormous trauma that Indu has to go through while pretending to be unmarried at her workplace as well as fulfilling the duties of a