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There is an old saying that love knows no age or boundaries …When the heart beats faster than drum rolls & the pulse race, it is nothing but the beautiful feeling of falling in love. Our story revolves around few such beating, pulsating hearts living across each other. Our story is set in a beautiful & charismatic neighborhood located in the heart of New Delhi. The atmosphere of romanticism permeates the air flowing through this neighborhood…Romantics believe that once you breathe in the air of this neighborhood your


This is the story of a stubborn, proud and eccentric family based in a village in Haryana, India. The patriarch, old man Daddu, sleeps with a rusty gun by his side… His eldest son, simply called Taau by everyone, has the power to shut down the local market with one angry shout of his! The second son Hoshiyar Singh, much against his family’s wishes, works for the government’s irrigation department and seems to be the only sane person around. Daddu’s third son Baldev urf Balla is a blindly impulsive boxer


 Chashme Baddoor is a Hindi language soap opera. The story is based on the life of a woman who had a splendid teenage life and an equally contrasting middle age life and who does not know how to deal with it. Every Episode story was a message to the society with Comedy.




Satya Dev Sharma is the ultimate in human goodness and sacrifice. He has brought up his two stepbrothers and a stepsister in the same spirit as he has brought up his own daughter Poonam. In fact he has always put the needs and comforts and wishes of his stepmother and stepbrothers and sister on a privileged status than of his wife and daughter.

The house hold has a very happy ambiance and whenever somebody mentions that Satya Dev, Bheesham and Ashwini are step brothers nobody is ready to believe it. They


Sukanya (Suki) represents the emerging Indian Woman – independent minded, in charge of her own destiny and bet seeking strength from tradition. She has a strong mind of her own. At the same time she respects Indian heritage and is very rooted in her own cultural milieu.

Suki has been raised all over India by her professor / academic father, an acknowledged scholar in the field of molecular biology. Because of this exposure (From schooling in Guwahati to college in Bangalore) Suki whose mother is a writer / dancer from Kerala,



We all know about the famous mythological son Shravan Kumar who vowed to take his blind parents for the pilgrimage of the 4 dhams. Shravan kumar is considered to be the best son ever. A son every father & mother would like to have. As people often say – agar beta ho to shravan kumar jaisa. Its hard to find another shravan kumar in the entire history of India & almost impossible in current time. Our story is about a girl named Shradha who follows on


Milan is a story, which is based on conventional & conservative human relationships. It primarily deals with the sense of integrity, belonging & bonding that is depicted in the Indian families.

There are two families: The Kapoor’s & The Dhillon’s, who are neighbours. Surinder & Shashi Kapoor’s son Ranbir Kapoor is in the United States. They want him to get married to Amardeep & Kuldeep Dhillon’s elder daughter Shweta. Shweta is a typical Punjabi girl who is in love with Ranbir. They are already engaged & both the families can’t wait


Amar is a Junior Officer in a multinational company, International Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. He has lost his wife Jyoti (34) very recently (She fell over a cliff in Shimla) leaving behind three children. This makes it a story of a father, who has to shoulder the responsibility of a mother as well.

Of course, the in-laws are there to help Amar. But they prove to be more of a nuisance than help.

Prakash (25), the brother–in-laws of Amar is in love with Laddu’s tutor in the neighborhood. Sister-in-law, Sonal (20) is an


Ajay Narayan Seth is a rich businessman. He hails from an illustrious family background. His father, Uday Narayan Seth, is one of the few rich and famous men of the country. Theirs is a happy and contended family with all the luxuries of life.Ajay is a rich and spoilt child. During his adolescence he is absolutely disinterested in his father’s vast business empire. He is a happy go lucky, flirtatious person with a care a damn attitude. One fine day his dream was fulfilled when he meets Ganga. Ganga is