Channel : Zee TV

Year of Telecast : 2001

No. of Episode : 26

Director : Shivam Nayyar


Govind Namdev, Irawati Harshe, Vivek Mushran, Karan Oberoi, Anita Kulkarni, Neena Kulkarni, Mallika, Sonia Kapoor, Tuheena Vora

The Story :

When the light is behind you, you are faceless and your shadow walks in front of you, but when you are walking into the light you are visible to the whole world, but your shadow is behind you, and keeps on following you like your own past, till you enter the area of eternal darkness after your death.
Pradhan is one of the richest men in town. He has wealth, fame, a wife, two sons and a daughter. He has everything in life except happiness and he knows it is because of one crime that he committed in his youth, after which he led a virtuous life. He has tried to shrug off the shadow of the past sin from his back but it remains there. His hundreds of good deeds towards humanity, his charity, and his prayers for forgiveness have failed him, not even a single moment of his life he has been able to live with a clear conscience.
Anita and Anjali are two loving sisters. One is inside the room, the other out side, talking about the same door. One says the door is to go out and other says it is to come in.The elder sister Anita gets married to Pradhan’s son, and as requested by her father-in-law gets set to put the house hold in order, but is murdered in mysterious circumstances. Anjali marries the husband of her murdered sister. She is trying to find out who murdered her sister and why? The griefs and sorrows of Pradhan grow as much as his wealth for which he had committed the only crime of his life.
The past catches up with Pradhan.
Bishweshwar Nath the man whom Pradhan had wronged comes out of the jail with revenge in his heart. He is determined to destroy Pradhan and his family, but when the time comes, he can’t. He discovers that his own daughter Anjali is married to Pradhan’s son! Anjali on the other hand starts to find out the facts that are unheard of and unsaid and these revelations make the rest of the story of ANKAHEE.