Channel : DD1

Year of Telecast : 1999

No. of Episode : 78

Director : Rakesh Saarang


Kanwaljeet Singh, Govind Namdev, Divya Seth, Arundhati, Kishori Shahane, Mohan Bhandari, Rajeev Paul, achin Khedekar, Shweta Keshwani, Sonam Malhotra, Ravi Raj, Moon moon Banerjee, Madan Jain

The Story :

Set in a metropolitan city this story explores an unthinkable abuse of power, by the main pillars of our society. A seasoned political leader, an industrialist who owns the press media also and the protector of law, a police commissioner. Trapped in their vicious circle, is the common man who is loosing faith in the system. He is no longer proud of his country. He sees corruption around him and he feels cheated but still there is a ray of hope, when a group of common people unite and fight against justice. They try to restore the faith, struggle for the lost honour of the nation. Proved to the world that we are proud to be Indians.

The story beings with political leader Saigal loosing the election. This was the first time when he faces defeat, though he pretends to be calm and says that one should learn to accept the defeat gracefully, the frustration and anger creeps in. He wants to find out who the traitors were, who backstabbed him? And when he finds out, he kills them in a fit of anger. The press and the law shield him and they succeed to a great extend. Another reason why Saigal goes Scot-free is that, in the eyes of the world he was a thorough Gentleman it was hard to imagine that he was a killer and a corrupt man. A city corporater was one of those who were killed by Saigal. His daughter Kanak struggles to seek justice and punish a killer, but she fails miserably. There was no clue, there was no witness. Her sympathizer, a newspaper editor, Jaidev tries to help her but he too draws blank.

Public memory is too short. As time passes every one forgets the unforgivable crime. The industrialist, Chauhan proposes that his son Sanjay should get married to Saigal’sdaughter Aishwarya. Such marriages always prove beneficial for people in high places, but Aishwarya refuses to marry Sanjay. Her ideal was the newspaper editor Jaidev and she was in love with him.

In the meanwhile Saigal visits Kanak frequently and she is attracted towards him. Distinct relationship develops between them and Saigal begins to groom her for the high society in which he moves. But a time comes when Kanak comes to know that he was a killer of her father. She breaks away from him and declares war against him. By now Saigal had genuinely fallen in love with kanak and disproves to be a great set back in his life. His fall becomes more imminent when his wife also leaves him and fights election against him. But Saigal was the survivor; he would sail through the crises and fight till the last breath.

Against the backdrop of politics and a game of power bartering, backstabbing, brow beating and bribing, the story revolves around the young romance and human relationship. It also narrates about the men at the summit, their bold deals and soiled souls and their women, clutching at fevered moments as the time for loving, time for living, slips so quickly away.