Channel : Zee TV

Year of Telecast : 2003

No. of Episode : 76

Director : Rakesh Saarang


Simon Singh, Faizal Khan, Ayub Khan, Kanika Kohli, Jyoti Mukherjee, Roma Williams, Vinay Jain, Kiran Kumar, Naresh Suri, Rana Jung Bahadur, Akshay Singh, Seema Bhargav, Subhash Kapoor, Ajay Trehan

The Story :

Chandni is the only daughter of Col. Paramjeet Singh who is a retired army officer. Chandni is in love with Varun but her father is against this relationship. He knew Varun’s father. He was also in the army but he was a traitor. He was caught while selling defence secrets to the enemy country. Varun’s father was court marshalled and he was languishing in jail. Chandni argues with her father and asks, ” How can you judge Varun by what his father did? He is a good human being and he loves me.” but Colonel Paramjeet warns Chandni that he would never allow her to marry Varun. He hurriedly arranges her marriage with Sidhant who was studying in London. Chandni was least interested in any other man as her husband and she even refuses to look at his photograph.

Sidhant’s grandmother describes Chandni on phone and Sidhant agrees to marry the girl of his grandma’s choice. He returns to India on the same day he was to marry Chandni. In her house, Chandni was getting ready for the wedding ceremony. She remembers the promise that she made to Varun. She had said that she would never marry anyone else. She would leave her house to be with him. Till the last moment she is in dilemma. She had to decide fast. It was either now or never. The baraat reaches Chandni’s house and everyone is shocked when it is found that Chandni was missing.

Chandni rushes to Varun’s house with dreams in her eyes. She was prepared to sacrifice everything for him. But she is shattered to learn that Varun was with another girl called Nisha. She realizes that Varun was always involved with Nisha despite her presence in his life. She
also learns that Varun was using her for her money, as she was a daughter of a rich man. Now it dawns upon her what a wrong step she had taken. She rushes back to her house but by this time the baraat had returned. She faces her father who was humiliated and ashamed of her daughter.

The next day Chandni reaches Sidhant’s house to ask for forgiveness. Sidhant refuses to meet her. He conveys his message through his grandma that he would never forgive Chandni. She gets another jolt when the same night, Colonel Paramjeet dies of a heart attack.

Chandni’s close friend Pooja reaches Chandni’s house and finds how lonely she was. She convinces her to come and stay with her for few days. Pooja is a widow who has a one-year-old son. Her late husband Karan married her against the wishes of his father. But later his son’s demise melted Kailash Deewan and he decided to reconcile with his daughter in law and grandson whome he had never seen before. Pooja tells Chandni to accompany her to her father in law’s house. But Chandni refuses.

Next day Chandni reaches Varuns house and blames him for her miseries. During a heated argument she stabs him and presumes that he is dead. The same night she consumes sleeping pills and tries to commit suicide. Pooja saves her in the nick of time and convinces her to accompany her to her in-laws house.

Before leaving the city Pooja goes for shopping. While she was crossing the road she meets with an accident. Chandni receives a call from the hospital and she rushes. Pooja is on the deathbed. Chandni promises her that she would look after her child.

While Chandni is at home, the child cries and she tries to feed him. Deewan arrives and assumes that she was Pooja.

Chandni reaches the hill station with Deewan. He owned huge properties like farmhouses, hotels and resorts etc. Kailash Deewan was a rich and respected person in the valley. He has a daughter named Kanchan who is studying in college.
Chandni starts leading her life like a widow and she devotes all her time to Kailash and Pooja’s son Monu.

An architect arrives to meet Deewan. He was assigned the job of designing his new resort. The architect was none other than Sidhant Mehra.

Sidhant meets Chandni, but both of them don’t recognize each other. Sidhant feels sympathetic for Chandni, as she is a widow at a young age. Deewan asks Chandni to supervise the construction work. By a strange coincidence Chandni learns that Sidhant was the same man with whome she was supposed to get married but she doesn’t have the courage to reveal the truth to him.

Chandni also had the guilt that she was deceiving Deewan. She would have revealed everything to him but what stopped her was the fact that Deewan was a heart patient and he had still not recovered from the shock of his son’s untimely death.

Chandni is surrounded by responsibilities and she is trying to adjust to her new life but catastrophe strikes once again when Varun reappears. He had survived the attack on him. Varun and Nisha try to take advantage of the situation and blackmail Chandni that they would spill
the beans to Kailash if she doesn’t give them money. Chandni is horrified and she agrees to whatever they want. Varun deliberately befriends Siddhant and does things to gain respect in Deewans eyes. Helpless Chandni is unable to breakaway from this despite of realizing and knowing the truth.

Chandni realizes that her attachment towards Siddhant is culminating in love and Siddhant also senses an intense feeling of attachment for her.

During this time Kanchan had begun to love Siddhant. She learns about his relations with Chandni and she tries to create misunderstanding between them.

In the midst of this, Pooja’s husband, Karan who was presumed to be missing during the war returns home. Deewan is extremely happy to see him but Pooja is shocked. She fears that she would be exposed and accused of being am impostor. Nobody would try to understand her. Nobody would try to think that whatever she did was for the sake of the promise she gave to Pooja and also for the sake of Deewan.

Chandni reveals the truth to Karan and she reacts with surprise when he offers to accept her as his wife.

Sidhant proposes marriage to Chandni and she is in a dilemma.

From here onwards the story unfolds following questions:

1. How would Deewan and Sidhant react when they would learn the true identity of Chandni?

2. What would be Chandni’s decision? Would she marry Siddhant or Karan? While taking a decision she would have to consider Pooja’s son Monu.

3. Would Varun and Nisha succeed in destroying Chandni’s life?